MW Elektrooptik offers custom electronic solutions for research and industry.

We provide expertise in the generation of high voltage signals, the development of customer specific optical modulators, seed laser components and data processing signals.

If you are struggling to find the appropriate solution, looking for selective reinforcement of your team, or looking for applications for your innovative product, we should talk.

Latest Products

Dual frequency SRS Detection Set

The Dual frequency SRS Detection Set consists of a large area sensor and a dual frequency lock-in amplifier. The set has been developed specifically for demanding dual color SRS imaging applications. Very high sensitivity in combination with very short integration times down to 100 ns make it the ideal choice for fast and accurate video rate imaging at two vibrational frequencies. Click here for the datasheet and contact information for purchase.

Integrated PCBs with Modular Components

The core capability that MW Elektrooptik offers is a central PCB that acts as the brain for a body of electronic modular components. Each individual component detailed in the Modular Component section below can be integrated into a custom system for your product or experimental setup.

Modular Components

High voltage supplies

Development of customized quasi-constant HIV-supplies for small capacitive loads. Pos. or neg. voltages up to several 10kV, that can be varied by 100% within the sub-ms time range in analog, digital or internal programming. Ripple / Slope upon request.

High voltage amplifiers

Development of pulsed HV amplifiers for voltages up to +/-10 kV and modulation bandwidths exceeding 1 MHz.

High voltage signal generators

Including sine, triangle, Sinc., almost all voltage characteristics can be stored as a program. Depending on the actual voltage characteristic repetition rates up to several MHz are feasible, 20 MHz are under development.

High voltage step generators

High voltage ramps with adjustable rise times ranging from 10 ns up to several µs. The slope of the ramp can be changed within a few µs by a factor between 1 and 4.

Detectors, Measurement amplifiers, M&C

Design of current- or voltage amplifiers with amplification factors > 10^9 or large bandwidth for pulsed sampling, as well as detectors for microscopy, laser spectroscopy, LBIC/EBIC, synchronisation amplifiers, laser stabilization circuitry.

Instrument development

Design of customized prototype instruments like fast programmable delay generators, PLLs or Lock-In amplifiers, laser diode based ns/ps-seed lasers, or power supply components.
Click here for the Dual frequency RF Lock-In detection set datasheet.

Electro-Optic Modulators, Pockels cells

Customized electro-optic modulator design: integrating electro-optic crystals and mechanical positioners into the HV drivers results in very compact modulators for e.g. laser beams. Apertures > 10 mm and bandwidths up to several MHz, suitable e.g. for pulse picking or active modelocking schemes

Electro- and Acousto-Optic Modulators

Design of special solutions such as EOM/AOM combinations, optical switches with more than two ports, or active diffractive optical elements (DOEs) capable of being modified within µs and suited e.g. for optical delay lines or Pulse stacking schemes.

Electronic development

Customized electronics design (ranging from SMD designs to complete PCB push fit systems).

Expertise and programming services

Consulting and data processing services related to laser spectroscopy, laser technology and data processing (Imaging, Spectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging), physics and electronics simulations.




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