About Us

Founder Gregor Hehl

Experimental requirements in physics are calling for innovative engineering solutions, and new technological possibilities point out new perspectives for physics.

For more than 20 years as physicist and engineer I am devoted to laser based measuring methods or measuring methods for laser designs in research and industry. My professional career first led me for my engineering studies to the Center for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW), where I developed detectors for laser- or electron beam based measurement stations (LBIC, EBIC and Raman microspectroscopy), among other topics.

After finishing my subsequent physics studies I graduated in the group of Dr. Andreas Volkmer at the 3rd. Physics Institute (PI3), University of Stuttgart, with a thesis on coherent Raman microspectroscopy.

Subsequently I was at Dausinger + Giesen GmbH responsible for electronic- and electro-optic designs among other topics.

During my previous activities I always moved between the disciplines physics and engineering and steadily benefitted from my skills in both. All too frequently new path needed to be striked because in the market nothing suitable was available. This however often lead to new ideas.

My extensive knowledge in both disciplines further allows me to transfer solutions from other disciplines.

2019 I went into business for myself in order to offer customized solutions for demanding tasks in the fields of laser engineering, laser spectroscopy, high voltage applications, and to realize my own ideas.